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NSK History

High quality and trust built up over 140 years history since the founding of our company

Our business started with manufacturing springs for rickshaws, then progressed to making springs for automobiles, then to suppling OEM. The history since our founding is shown below.

Evolution of the Business

The Beginning
from Blacksmith to Manufacturer of Rickshaw Springs

Our history starts with Masakichi Nakano, son of a swordsmith who became the first spring craftsman and set up the company in 1876. He started the business of making and galvanizing springs for rickshaws at Shiba-Shinbori in Tokyo, and the company has continued operations for over 140 years to this day.

A Meiji-era Rickshaw, preserved at the Meiji-Mura open air museum at Inuyama City, Aichi Pref.
A leaf spring is used near the wheel (curently not displayed).

Manufacturing of Automobile Springs

Nakano Spring Works was established at Nishi-Shibaura, Tokyo in 1927 and began manufacture of bumpers and wheel-shafts as well as springs for automobiles. Multi-leaf springs for military tanks as well as leaf springs for domestic and foreign (American) automobiles were produced. Exports started to the Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia and African markets.

(top)Our Shibaura Head Office and Oki Electric Industries Co., Head Office, circa 1935.
(middle)Our factory site, circa 1931.
(bottom)Extract from our company brochure, circa 1953.

OEM Products and NSK Brand Products

The company name was changed to Nakano Spring Company Limited in 1948, and in 1963 the new Akishima Plant (approx. 9,000m2) was completed. With better quality and improved production technology, a wide range of OEM and NSK Brand products were introduced. The technology and know-how gained has been handed down within the company and is now a great asset.

New Product Development

In addition to the production of multi-leaf springs, production facilities to manufacture parabolic leaf springs were installed in 2006 and this added a whole new dimension to the product line-up. An efficient production system was implemented which made it possible to offer a wide range of products while enabling small volume orders to be accepted and also reduce delivery lead time.

Towards the Future
–Aiming for Still Higher Quality

In 1989 the new Production Administration Building was completed at Akishima Plant to monitor design and production quality control. In addition, ISO certification was acquired and factory floorspace was expanded, all towards further improving quality and production technology. We strive to further develop our business and offer better customer service and to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction.


1876 A spring factory was set up at Shiba-Shinbori (current Shiba 2-chome) in Tokyo, for manufacture and galvanization of rickshaw springs.
1917 Manufacture and galvanization of springs for automobiles started.
1927 Started manufacture of various springs for automobiles as Nakano Spring Works at Nishi-Shibaura 4-chome (current Shibaura 4-chome).
1948 Changed company name to “Nakano Spring Company Limited” and started manufacturing springs for automobiles, industrial vehicles, train carriages.
1950 Expanded business to cover foreign (mainly American) cars. Pioneered new export markets in Latin America, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and China.
1964 Built Akishima Plant (approx. 9,000m2) in Akishima City, Tokyo.
Aimed to promote better productivity and improved quality through streamlined facilities and production system.
1967 Formed business alliance with NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
1973 Built Nakano Spring Building (6 stories = 2,860m2) at the site of old head office factory in Shibaura, Tokyo. Set up Corporate Management and Control Division (to administer Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai branches) along with Real Estate Division.
1984 Built extension of Nakano Spring Building (990m2, total area 3,850m2)
1989 Built administration annex (463m2) at Akishima Plant to integrate administration and welfare facilities and to improve office environment.
1995 Undertook improvement of the production process (to strengthen quality control and streamline small lot production system).
2004 Implemented control system for multi-product low-volume quick-delivery production.
2005 Akishima Plant certified ISO9001
2006 Introduction of Parabolic Leaf Spring production facility
2008 Head Office, branches certified ISO14001
2014 Built 3rd factory at Akishima Plant for painting/coating process
2018 Fukuoka Sales Office opened
2018 Signed exclusive distribution agreement with STEMCO Products Inc. of U.S.A. for distribution of Goodyear Brand Air Springs in Japan.
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