Product Line-up
Product Line-up

Leaf Springs

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Leaf Springs

Leaf Springs for Trucks and Trailers

We manufacture and offer many kinds of leaf springs from large to small trucks and for various trailers.

Custom Made Spring

We also produce leaf springs for train carriages and special purpose vehicles, vibration dampening springs used in iron casting factories and workshops, anti-earthquake springs used in residential homes to absorb shocks from earthquakes.
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Spring for Special Purpose Vehicles (Multi Leaf spring)

Spring for Train Carriages

Special Purpose Springs

One-off, Restore Springs

Goodyear Air Spring

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Air Spring

We handle not only products which have been newly developed for the Japanese truck/trailer market, but also existing air spring products (North American spec) including those for industrial machines, etc.

Rolling Lobe Type

Bellows Type

Other Related Products / Vehicle Parts

Other Related Products / Vehicle Parts

We also handle high quality peripheral items for leaf springs and various coil springs.

Coil Spring

Coil Spring for Special Purpose Vehicles

Coil Spring for Passenger Cars

Leaf Spring Accessories

We also handle Bush, Clip, Clip bolt, Center bolt, Center spacer, Silencer (liner).

Supporter, Bracket

We also manufacture Supporters and Brackets for attaching Shock Absorbers and Stabilizers.

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