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Order Made Products List (Partial)

We have experience in manufacuring not only springs for trailers and trucks, but also for special purpose vehicles, train carriages, streetcars, anti-earthquake and vibration-dampening uses. The following are just a few of our made-to-order speciality springs.

Order Made Products List (Partial)

Leaf Spring for Special Purpose Vehicles

Leaf springs produced for special purpose vehicles

Bearing Spring

Springs designed for special purpose train carriages. Used in track inspection railway cars and snow plough railway cars.

Bolster Spring (for Streetcars)

Leaf springs developed for streetcars (tramcars) to counter heavy vibration.

Vibration Damping Spring

Springs which are installed under the floor of iron casting factories and workshops. It absorbs the vibration and prevents the building structure from shaking.

Anti-Earthquake Spring

For use in residential houses to dampen shakes from earthquake.

Why we can offer High Quality and High Reliability

The know-how and experience which we have accumulated over the years making products for many kinds of vehicles and for various uses at our safe and reliable factory enables us to offer quality products which meets our customer’s high standards.

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