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As a manufacturer, our ultimate mission is to accurately respond to the needs of our society and customers. We make sure to deliver outstanding products and services that deliver satisfaction to our society and customers.
By embracing the value of creation, we endeavor to respond to what is being sought. This is our way of reaching out to those who seek us.


2021/12/27 Information
Year-end and New Year Holidays
2021/11/1 News
2021/9/21 News
Approved as authorized repair parts supplier to Isuzu Motors

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About Us

We started manufacturing springs for Rickshaws in 1871, and through a history spanning over 100 years we have continuously supplied after-market products for trucks and trailers as well as OEM products.

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We offer a wide range of products, from Leaf Springs to Air Springs, Custom-Made Springs and Various Accessory Parts. We manufacture high quality products for various trucks, trailers, train carriages, special purpose vehicles, and for other uses.

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Our technology has been recognized and accepted by vehicle manufacturers who use our products as OEM components in many of their models. See an introduction of our factory and manufacturing process of our products.

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Tokyo 108-0023 Japan
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