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Product Information

We offer a wide range of products, from Leaf Springs to Air Springs, Custom-Made Springs and Various Accessory Parts.
We design and manufacture high quality products for various trucks, trailers, train carriages,
special purpose vehicles and for other uses.

Our leaf springs are made from high quality, fully tempered spring steel and manufactured in our own factory, being strictly monitored from form working upto final quality inspection. Visual inspection at each process is undertaken to maintain our high level of quality.

We handle not only products which have been newly developed for the Japanese truck/trailer market, but also existing air spring products (North American spec) including those for industrial machines, etc.

From accessory items related to leaf springs to various coil springs, we handle a wide range of high quality products.


Production System

Our company has a strong technical base trusted by automotive manufacturers who accepts our products as OEM components in many of their models. We will now introduce our factory, production equipment, and our achievements along with the manufacturing process which results in the creation of these products.


Sales Network

We have a network of sales offices in major cities throughout the country to respond immediately to the needs of our customers.



Our company, Nakano Spring, started with manufacturing springs for rickshaws, then progressed to making springs for automobiles, then to supplying OEM. The history since our founding is introduced below.

About Nakano Spring

As a manufacturer, our ultimate mission is to accurately respond to the needs of our society and customers. We make sure to offer outstanding products and services that deliver satisfaction to our society and customers.