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Producing various products

We have a record of producing wide range of various springs, not only for trucks and trailers but also for Special Purpose Vehicles, Train Carriages, Trams, Vibration Isolators and Vibration Dampeners. Here, we introduce some of our custom-made products.

Custom Made Products

Earthquake Dampening Spring

The friction between the leaves of the leaf spring absorbs the sideways shaking energy of the earthquake. It reduces the swaying of the structure and helps prevent falling or damage.

Special Purpose Springs

Leaf Spring for various uses. We can produce springs which matches the customer’s design.

Custom Made Spring

We can develop and design a leaf spring to match the vehicle’s usage and weight, and modify the original suspension and optimize it for better riding comfort and driving stability.


Restoring Classic Cars and Vintage Cars. Our engineers can make an exact drawing of the current leaf spring on the vehicle and make a spring in the image of the original by utilizing the latest technology.

Special Shaped Spring

A component part of a larger machinery utilizing the spring principal. We can produce leaf springs other than for vehicle suspensions.

One Off

We can accommodate small lot orders or even single item, or make prototypes before mass production.

Why we can offer High Quality and High Reliability

The know-how and experience which we have accumulated over the years making products for many kinds of vehicles and for various uses at our safe and reliable factory enables us to offer quality products which meets our customers’ high standards.