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Production Line

Akishima Plant

Since its inauguration in 1964, it has strived for advancement in production technology and improvement of product quality.

Main Facilities

  • Shearing Machine

    2 units 25T X 90B MAX

  • Eye Forming Machine (#1)

    1 unit 16T x Φ60 MAX

  • Eye Forming Machine (#2)

    1 unit 18T x Φ82 MAX

  • Taper Rolling Mill

    2 units 18T x 250L MAX / 25T x 400L MAX

  • Heating and Quenching Equipment

    1 unit Width 2.4m X Length 7m (2.5ton/hr) MAX

  • Tempering Furnace

    1 unit Width 2.4m X Length 10m (1.5ton/hr) MAX

  • Shot Peening Machine

    1 unit Projection Rate 520kg/min (@speed 80m/s)

  • Wet Bench Magnetic Particle Detector

    1 unit AC/DC Magnetization, Axis/Coil Electrification, Horizontal Wet Type Device

  • Parabolic Rolling Mill

    1 unit Width 100mm, Thickness 50mm, Rolling Length 2,500mm MAX

  • Camber Forming Machine

    1 unit Width 100mm, Thickness 36mm, Leaf Length 2,000mm MAX

  • Stress Shot Peening Equipment

    1 unit Width 100mm, Thickness 36mm, Leaf Length 2,000mm MAX

Administration Annex

Painting Factory

Production Facilities

Control Board for Production Machines

Device for controlling Rolling Mill, Camber Forming Machine, Stress Shot Peening Machine, etc.

Rolling Mill

Computer controlled rolling operation

Camber Forming Machine & Heating and Quenching Equipment

Various shapes can be formed based on computer data

Stress Shot Peening Equipment

An indispensable process required to improve the durability of the spring

Why we can offer High Quality and High Reliability

The know-how and experience which we have accumulated over the years making products for many kinds of vehicles and for various uses at our safe and reliable factory enables us to offer quality products which meets our customers’ high standards.