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Nakano Spring Company Limited (hereinafter called “The company”) hereby establishes its Privacy Policy regarding the handling of any and all Personal Information which it may obtain in the course of its business operations, in compliance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (hereinafter called “the Act”), as follows.

1. The entity handling the Personal Information

Nakano Spring Company Limited, Japan

2. Compliance with relevant Laws and Guidelines

The company will comply with the Act and all related laws and guidelines.

3. Use of Personal Information

The company will use the Personal Information obtained only for the following purposes;

(1) Regarding personal data of customer

1.To comply with customer requests and to fulfill contract obligations with the customer
2.To remain in contact with the customer
3.To keep maintenance record of our products
4.Collect data regarding quality of our products, and to provide feedback for product development and manufacture

(2) Personal Information regarding applicants for recruitment

1.To contact applicants during recruitment period
2.Other matters related to above

4. Sharing of Personal Information

(1) The company will never share Personal Information in its possession with a third party except under the following conditions.

1.When the said customer agrees
2.When required by law
3.When life, safety or protection of property is at stake, and is difficult to get the customer’s consent
4.When handling of Personal Information is outsourced and is within the uses stated in this policy above
5.When sharing of data becomes necessary due to succession of business from company merger or other reasons
6.When it becomes necessary to cooperate with central government organizations or local governments or their outsource partners so they can perform their lawful duties, and getting the customer’s consent might obstruct the carrying out of such duties

(2) The company may, within the uses stated in this policy above, share Personal Information with our group company. In such case the company will be fully responsible for the handling of the information

5. Security Control Measures

The company will take all necessary Security Control Measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage, etc. of any Personal Information. It will also strictly supervise its staff and outsource partners, if any, in the handling of Personal Information.

6. The disclosure, notice of use, correction, suspension of use, deletion (hereinafter called (“deletion, etc.”) of Personal Information

(1) The company acknowledges the right of all customers to request for any disclosure or notice of use or correction or suspension of use, or deletion of their own Personal Information, and will comply without objection or delay upon such request. But in case of the following conditions, there may be exception to deletion etc. of Personal Information.

1.When life or safety of the customer or a third party is at stake, or when property or other rights or interests are at stake,
2.When it can cause serious obstruction of the company’s normal business operations
3.When it may violate another law

(2) In order to prevent leakage of Personal Information to a third party or tampering of data by a third party, the company reserves the right to ask for identification of the person making the request for deletion etc. as above. The requested deletion etc. will be implemented only after the identity of person requesting is confirmed.

7. Contact

For any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact the following.

Nakano Spring Company Limited
11-17, 4Chome, Shibaura, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan
Tel : +81 3 3451 3920
This Policy established July 31, 2017