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What is Goodyear Air Spring?

They are high function, high quality air springs of which more than 2.5 million pieces annually are supplied to users all over the world.
The truck and trailer air spring division of Goodyear company was spun off and is now Infinity Engineered Products company, manufacturing and marketing various OE and aftermarket products. Nakano Spring Company has signed a Distributorship Agreement with Infinity Engineered Products to become the sole importer/distributor of Goodyear Air Springs in Japan.

The Main Features of Goodyear Air Springs

These Goodyear Air Springs are developed especially for the Japanese market with quaity equal to, or better than, genuine parts, based on Goodyear’s extensive know-how and experience in tire manufacturing. The products’ reliability and quality have been proven through extensive testing by Goodyear, with results showing they are far superior to the competition. Also, through the development of specially durable materials and design, these products have light-weight vibration-dampening, long-life characteristics, the level of which are among the highest in the industry. The extraordinary performance and comfort provided by Goodyear Air Springs will minimize driver fatigue and reduce wear-and-tear of parts, leading to safe and comfortable transport. Also a new ozone-resistant rubber material specially developed for the Japanese market prevents cracking and extends product life.

We handle not only products developed for Japan, but also existing North American spec air springs for trucks/trailers and also air springs for industrial machinery use.

* These are American spec, so measure unit is “inch”.
* These products will be shipped from America. Please contact us for delivery lead time and price.

Product LineUp

Rolling Lobe Type

Mainly used as suspensions on large trucks and trailers. It is possible to achieve a lower load rate and longer stroke when compared to a leaf spring, leading to a more comfortable ride and less cargo vibration, as well as more efficient loading operation by utilizing the body height adjustment function, resulting in a suspension system gentle to both humans and cargo.

Bellows Type

For industrial machinery use it is commonly used as an actuator, and for vehicle use it is used to lift axles in trailers by leveraging its air pressure.

Sleeve Type

Frequently used as driver seat springs for trucks and buses, or as vibration dampening sytems in truck cabins (cabin suspension), and in industrial machinery as actuators and vibration isolators.

Production Line / Production Process

Infinity Engineered Products

We supply high performance, high quality products designed, produced, inspected and shipped by Infinity Engineered Products.



Is this product manufactured by Goodyear?
It was originally made and sold by Goodyear USA. Then this division separated from Goodyear and became an independent company, after which it went through M&A and now the Goodyear Air Spring development, production and sales divisions are owned and operated by Infinity Engineered Products, an American company which continues this business. Infinity has a license agreement with Goodyear company which guarantees their right to use the Goodyear Air Spring trademark.
Is Goodyear Japan involved in the import of this product?
The manufacture/import/sales of Goodyear Air Springs for the Japanese market is based on a Distribution Agreement between Nakano Spring Co., Ltd. and Infinity. Goodyear Japan company is not involved.
Where are these Goodyear Air Springs manufactured? What about their features and quality?
Goodyear Air Springs have been manufactured in a city called San Luis Potosi in northern Mexico since it was part of Goodyear company. Currently they are producing 2.5 million sets annually with production capacity of 3 million. In the past, they have supplied their products to Japanese truck manufacturers as OE components as well as for after-market. We are now offering products which are newly developed for Japanese market, taking into consideration Japanese quality standards and anti ozone crack measures, all backed by know-how accumulated through Goodyear’s world-wide operations as a major tire manufacturer, which guarantees comfortable driving with quality equal to, or better than, genuine parts.
Will a product warranty be offered?
Goodyear Air Springs are sold world-wide, and are offered with warranty depending on local conditions. For the Japanese market we will attend to warranty matters along with Infinity company.
How long is the service life of this product, and what is the recommended replacement time?
The product is designed and manufactured based on detailed study and analysis of genuine parts used by truck manufacturers, so basically it is similar to the service life of genuine parts which we understand is around 3-5 years. Goodyear Air Springs are tested for durability along with competitor’s samples. The results show Goodyear Air Springs’ durability is far above that of the competition. It has passed the internal durability target of 2 million cycles, and can be used with no concern regarding its quality.
Are these products used as original equipment by truck manufacturers?
Currently this air spring is being supplied to Volvo Trucks as OEM component parts, as well as OE parts to Hendrickson and other manufacturers.