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Akishima Plant Production Line

Since its inauguration in 1964 it has strived for advancement in production technology and improvement of product quality.
Centralized control of our production line up to final quality inspection.
Based on safe and reliable operation system, we manage to provide a wide range of high quality products.

Form Working

Leaf end and curling process
Eye forming on No.1 leaf and end curling process on No.2 leaf are conducted

Heavy Duty Rolling Mill
Long Taper Leaf Spring is shaped by the Heavy Duty Rolling Mill

Heat Treatment

The curve (arch) of the leaf is formed by the Camber Forming Machine


Anti-rust coating
A coat of anti-rust solution is applied on the coating line

Load Test
Various tests are conducted at the final stage to confirm all results are up to standard

Why we can offer High Quality and High Reliability

The know-how and experience which we have accumulated over the years making products for many kinds of vehicles and for various uses at our safe and reliable factory enables us to offer quality products which meets our customers’ high standards.